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Do you remember McKenna & Brown Ltd?

They began with an enthusiasm and passion for the services and products they offered. In 1979 I took an apprenticeship with the service centre in Redcar. My Manager enquired what speciality I would like to cover -Television, Radio and Hi Fidelity, Projection or the emerging Digital technology. I asked if I could do them all! Once familiar names like Pye, Philips, Tandberg, Salora, JVC, Hitachi and the still thriving manufacturers - Bang and Olufsen, Panasonic and Sony became everyday calls. Back in the 70s we sometimes needed to visit a valve TV 3 or more times a year to keep it aligned and looking its best.

Today the products are 40,000 times more reliable but still more customers ask for help. Calling a national service engineer to correct a user error can be costly. They don't really have time to sit with you and explain what went wrong, nor the inclination to get the best from your equipment. This is where I believe there is a local market. With 40 years of experience and access to up-to-date technical data, your local guy ("Pye young technician of the year!") can be called upon to be by your side. I can help you take advantage of the huge on-line purchasing discounts and give you the customer service you deserve.

Flat panel television and recorders have been my speciality for the last 7 years whilst the manager at Leonards Electricals but the nature of  the industry required me to keep familiar with computers, networks, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and all manner of small domestic appliances.

David Everitt - You can call me 01642 300355 or 07813020953.  

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