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This is the organisation that helps me to manage the website tracking cookies.

This page also explains other cookie blocking methods available.

There is a special cookie which you can load which will tell Statcounter that you don’t want any more cookies from them.

Accepting or refusing will make no difference to the use of the team-everitt site. The information given to us is only used to identify the areas visitors are interested in and how to improve the layout and experience of our visitors.

There is an excellent website all about cookies and may be worth a look if you are at all concerned.

My personal feeling is  that those of us who care, tell you whats going on, whilst the bad boys wont!

Please contact me if you need any other information


Here is a list of the cookies that may be set when you visit StatCounter or this website along with description of what the cookies are used for and duration information:

StatCounter Session Cookie (phpsessid)

This cookie contains a randomly generated number and is used for authentication when logging in to StatCounter - this cookie is integral to the security of your account when using StatCounter and we strongly recommend that all StatCounter members accept this cookie.

Duration: expires at end of browsing session

StatCounter Remember Me Cookie (login)

This cookie is set on user request. Used only when the "remember me" option is selected upon log in. Removes the need to enter username and password on every visit to StatCounter.

Duration: 5 years

StatCounter Blocking Cookie (blocking)

This is set on user request. Used only to prevent user's own visits from being recorded in the statistics for a specific website i.e. it prevents stats being inflated during edits by a web designer.

Duration: 5 years

StatCounter Analytics Cookie (is_unique)

Used only to determine whether you are a first-time or returning visitor to a particular website and to estimate unique visits to that site. No personal information is stored in the cookie. You can refuse all StatCounter analytics cookies - learn more here.

Duration: 5 years

OpenX (oaid, oageo, oacblock, oasccap)

We use OpenX for some advertising campaigns on StatCounter. These cookies are unique identifiers for a browser so we know if a specific ad has been displayed. This helps us to avoid repeatedly showing you the same advert. No browsing history or other info is stored in these cookies. The information in these cookies is not shared with third parties.

Duration: expires at end of browsing session up to 1 year

Third Party Advertiser Cookies

We use advertising to fund the free service we offer. If you upgrade to a paid StatCounter account you have the option to remove all ads.

We use third party services to serve ads on our site such as Rubicon Project and Google Adsense. You may receive cookies from these third party advertisers when using the StatCounter site. To opt-out of targeted/behavioural ads from either of these networks please follow the links below:

You may also use the NAI opt-out tool below to opt-out of targeted/behavioural ads from >70 other participating members.

Please note that opting out of a network does not mean you will no longer see online advertising. Instead, it means that you will no longer see targeted/behavioural advertising (i.e. advertising tailored to your browsing history, preferences and usage patterns) via the network from which you have opted out.

VBulletin (vbuserid, vblastvisit, vblastactivity, vbsession)

We use VBulletin to run the forum on StatCounter. These cookies are used for secure log in to the forum, to remember your log in information (at your request) and to remember the posts you have viewed (to enable only new items to be filtered for you).

Duration: expires at end of browsing session up to 1 year

Wordpress (comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url)

We use software to run the blog on StatCounter. If you comment on our blog, the cookies listed above will be set. This is for your convenience so that you will not have to re-type all your information for future comments.

Duration: 364 days

Pootle (csrftoken)

We use pootle software for the StatCounter translation project. If you volunteer to assist with translation, a pootle cookie may be set in your browser to remember your language translation preferences.

Duration: 1 year

Olark (wcsid, hblid, olfsk, _ok, _oklv, _okbk, _okgid, omp__super__properties)

We use Olark to provide an online chat window on some pages of StatCounter - this allows you to start a conversation with us and allows us to provide you with immediate, responsive customer service. Various cookies are used to keep you logged in to chat, track what page you are viewing and to manage page loading resources. No personal information is stored in these cookies.

Duration: expires at end of browsing session up to 2 years

Blocking - Signals that you should not be counted by Statcounter - Can last 5 years

is_unique - This is a number that Statcounter create and recognise if you are counted again. It can last 5 years - So that you are only counted as one visitor

Landing - This is the website page you visited. ie   It can remain active for 1 year

I use serif software to build this site and you may find a cookie from serif webservices. There is a unique tag which stops the page counter counting you every time you visit. There are also cookies that are sent if you sent a message via the contacts pop up. Accept       Active for 1 year  PHPSESSID   - < Only valid whilst you are browsing. Should self delete when browser closed.

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