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Mail: info@foxesequiwash.com
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We offer a laundry service for all equine apparel.

Our high performance laundry cleans and deodorises numnahs, saddlepads, seat savers, girth sleeves and other accessories, leaving them fresh, clean and comfortable for you and your horse.

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Equine wear.

Mail: info@foxesequiwash.com

Turnout Wash


Turnout Wash & Re-Proof


Neck Cover Wash


Neck Cover Wash & Reproof


Stable Rug


Travel Boots (4)


Numnah , Girth Sleeve, Bandages


- Travel, Fly, Show


Cooler / Fleece


Pet Bed


Dog Coat


Vacuum Pack
(for easier damp free storage)


If you return your bag for reuse repacking is only £1

Repairs from


Once the work required has been assessed you will be contacted with a price