A Sports Massage is massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit people engaged in regular physical activity. When you exercise, your body is subjected to various types of physical loading and following such activities, with the right amount of rest, the body’s systems adapt to cope with the increased stresses placed on them. These changes can affect muscles and other soft tissues, bones, the brain and nervous system. In the right measure and at the right frequency, regular exercise enables the body to cope with increased levels of stress (overload), which allows the body to exercise at higher intensities or for longer durations.

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Among athletes coaches and therapists sports massage is an effective therapeutic modality that can enhance muscle recovery and reduce soreness following physical activity. A sports therapists uses massage to reduce exercise-induced muscles strength loss, and enhance recovery rate. Not only stimulating muscles, reducing pain and relaxing tight muscles and deeper tissues a sports Massage is also great to relax and ensure your body is In good working order.


Pain in the neck and back is something I see on a weekly basis. The adult head weighs 10-12 pounds.
Tilting your head forward for example whilst on your phone can increase the amount of force on the neck to 60 pounds.. that's a lot of weight for your neck and spine. Posture has a big input to most people's pain, yet easily corrected once noticed

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