Team Everitt

Office address:- 45 York Road,
Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.
North Yorkshire. TS7 0EZ
Tel:- 01642300355

Electronics Equestrian Full Site

The Everitt Family all have Disclosure and Barring Service checks done.

Jamie Fox (Son in law) is a Farrier and doesn't need a DBS check!
I can personally recommend him and I trust him both with my Daughter and my Grandson

When you ask someone to your home you want to be certain they are trust worthy.

For security reasons.

I do not give out the address of my workshop.

I do not accept repairs or hand over repairs from my home.

If you would like to see my current DBS / CRB certificate please contact me and I will enable you to view the complete certificate.

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I am David Everitt, My home telephone number and address are available on line.