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Panasonic DMR-EX86

Recorded nothing - Auto clock set will not set.

Corrupt EPG data upsetting the recorder.

Although simply re-starting the auto tune system will get the unit recording again the auto clock will not set to “auto”

Carry out a Shipping condition via the function menu.

Remove mains plug - Wait 20 seconds

Plug unit in and allow it to complete a digital retune.

(I normally allow the unit to work on the strongest signal mode.)

Once the unit has completed its retune watch the screen closely.

You should see the unit do an auto clock set.

If this function completes you have cured the issue.

BILLSDALE TRANSMITTER  Friday 26th July 2013

DMREX55  - Self Check  and DMREH95 Self Check.

This is now becoming a common issue as parts get older in the power supply.

This is not a repair for armatures as there are several very small surface mount items to replace.

DMREZ48  - Runs for about 45 seconds then displays U80 or U81.

This is a communication problem between micros. It can be caused by signal problems (aerial) but more common as the units get older, low voltages on supply lines as caps age.

This is not a repair for armatures as there are small components to replace and a delicate dismantle.

Power supply parts C11370 F2A1E1010103 25V 0.01U

C11708 F2A1A6810022 10V 680uf

C11711 F2A1A4700041 10V 47P   < Little fella hides under DVD digital board

Be careful as you strip the unit - ribbon cables and other boards need static precautions !!!

TV & VCR  Poor signal picture breaking up on BBC1 & 2 from Bilsdale.

Since an increase in transmitter power, many people in the South Middlesbrough area are able to pick up both Pontop and Bilsdale transmitters.

Some sets tune in stations that their aerial is not aligned for. Resulting in poor stability and intermittent breakup. 

Please contact me for advice/assistance.

Any TV ending *70 *80 *85 *90   (eg TXL42LX85) Picture looks very grained.

I’ve never managed to convince Panasonic that this is a real fault.

However, try replacing the HDMI lead or swapping to a SCART lead.

(Yes I know its a digital signal but but - it sometimes fixes the problem

Panasonic VIERA TX55CX680B  Poor lip sync -The voice and the image are not together.

This fault should now have been corrected by a Software update.

Please ask if you are having problems.