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Helping people to discern God’s presence in the workplace

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Partner Churches

Church of England - Durham Ecumenical & Sector Bodies & Chaplaincies

Church of England: York Diocese

Elm Ridge Methodist church, Darlington

Methodist Church, Darlington District

Roman Catholic: Hexham and Newcastle Diocese

Roman Catholic: Middlesbrough Diocese

The United Reformed Church - Northern Synod


A Good Society

CHRISM (Christians in Secular Ministry)

Fresh Expressions encourages new ways of being Church

Industrial Christian Fellowship

Industrial Mission Association

Institute for Business Ethics

North East Churches is the website for regional ecumenical partnering

Northumbrian Industrial Mission (NIM)

The Christian Association of Business Executives

The Church Urban Fund  links to a volunteering page for Together Middlesbrough

Research and Resources

After Sunday aims to help people to integrate their faith, life and work
Charting Chaplaincy in Action Conference
Faith in Business Quarterly
Open Source Chaplaincy is a Methodist Church initiative to resource chaplaincy
Writing for Publication: Workshops for Chaplains

TUC: Workers Memorial Day

Useful links..

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Recommended Reading on Chaplaincy

(* are key texts)

Ballard, Paul & Pritchard, John   

Practical Theology in Action*

Bagshaw, Paul

The Church Beyond the Church

Baker, Matt (Ed)  

Footballing Lives

Claringbull Denis

Front Line Mission *

Coffey, Ian          

Working it Out

Cooke, Jenny      

The Cross behind Bars

Cope, Peter & West, Mike   

Engaging Mission*

Costa, Ken          

God at Work

Greene, Mark    

Thank God it’s Monday

Howard, Sue & Welbourn,

 David  The Spirit at Work Phenomenon

LeGood, Charles   

Chaplaincy, the Church’s Sector Ministries*

Lloyd, Michael   

Cafe Theology

Oliver, David     

Love Work, Live Life

Reindorp, Julian   

Equipping Christians at Work

Selby, Peter

Grace and Mortgage

Stott, John       

New Issues Facing Christians Today

Threlfall-Holmes, Miranda

Being a Chaplain*

Torry, Malcolm                    

Building Bridges*

Valler, Paul         

Get a Life

Welby. Justin

Can Companies Sin?

Wynne, Jago

Working without Wilting

Crucible, Jan-March, 2011   


Methodist Diaconate Order    

Faith and Work programme worksheets

See also the After Sunday website

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