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Dear David

Just a line to say thank you for your help and technical skills.  Its such a shame that Leonards in Billingham have stopped selling televisions but its worked out well for me.

I don’t have the confidence to search the Internet or even other local shops for the best deals. You must have spent hours looking for a unit. I had called three shops before I was told you are now working for yourself.

I know you said that having the freedom to source for everywhere was much easier than before, but when you came back with a unit from Currys at half the catalogue price I simply was astounded.

May I wish you every success.

Kind regards

BH - Billingham

Dear Mr Everitt

I visited my Mother,   ……… Redcar on Saturday and she was delighted at the service you provided.
Thank you for calling at Argos to collect the new television.

I have the same set at home and would appreciate your guidance on how to set up my equipment. Perhaps you would drop me an email so that we can get together and correct the settings on my TV Sky and recorder.

PD Thornaby

Dear David

Sorry for my condition on Thursday. I purchased the new PC at the weekend and had reached the point of throwing it away. I believed I knew about computers having working years with them in my office. I was not ready for Windows 8.

Thank you so much for setting up my PC and also giving me the confidence to try again.

The short cut links you placed on my desk top have made things very easy. Why they are not shown by the instruction manual is ridiculous.

You really should consider providing tuition courses. You have the knowledge and the ability to put it over.

I have given your details to my sister-in-law as she was very impressed with the way you have set the PC to work with our television.

NT Nunthorpe

Hello David

You visited my mother last month to help her with an internet problem. I wanted to say a huge thank you from her grandchildren. My 8yr old daughter misses her Grandma and has loved the video chat since you installed Skype and sat with her.

As a daughter so far way from home it is wonderful to find someone close to mum with technical skills like yours.

JL Dubai

Thank you for your comments Brian Pam NT Jan